Rt. Rev. Msgr.Paul Chittilapilly (01.07.1909 – 12.03.1981)

The Congregation of Samaritan sisters was Founded by Msgr. Paul Chittilapilly, the then Vicar General of Trichur diocese, a person who dedicated his entire life for the service of the downtrodden, especially those affected by leprosy.Avittathur in Irijalakuda was blessed by the birth of Msgr.Paul. His parents were Chittilapily Thommana Lonappan and Mechery Thresia. He was born on 1st July 1909, as their second child and was called Kunjipalu. After his Bachelor’s degree in 1933, he joined the seminary and became a priest on 17th December 1939, a priest ordained to give life and light to many, for generations to come, through the Congregation he has founded. “Maximum for Jesus and minimum for Paul” was his motto.

Spiritual Legacy of Msgr. Paul Chittilapilly

Our founder father Msgr.Paul Chittilapilly was adorned with deep faith in the providence of God and tenacity of purpose. He was richly imbued with mercy towards the poor and the sick especially the lepers. By living a life of simplicity and hard work, he fought against suffering, hunger, ignorance and inertia.

Through a total receptive openness of persevering prayer he imbibed the compassionate love of Christ. Drenched in that love, his life became a stream of divine love flowed into the lives of the sick, the poor and the suffering.