The Samaritan call is “You also go and do likewise “like the Good Samaritan. The spirit of our congregation is Mercy, Mercy to all who are suffering physically, mentally and spiritually. (Con: 1:8)   .  Jesus was sent to the world to reveal to the world the healing love of the Father. He went about doing good and healing the sick.(Acts 10:38) Our healing ministry is the continuation of the healing ministry of Jesus. The special charism of our congregation is to share the compassionate love of Jesus with the needy through the ministry of mercy, with the attitude and in the spirit of the Good Samaritan.

  1. The basic purpose of our medical ministry is to make people experience God`s compassionate Love and peace besides curing the physical and mental sickness and ailments (Constitution chapter 5:8).
  2. The peace and love of Christ, the divine intimacy which we experience is extended to the humanity through our apostolic activities mainly by running hospitals and dispensaries .The following are the main centres of our medical ministry.


  1. Sacred Heart Mission Hospital Pullur
  2. Lourde Hospital Mannuthy
  3. Santhinilayam hospital, Elipara
  4. P.C.M. Medical centre Kalladikode
  5. St. Antony’s hospital , Machad
  6. Mary matha Samaritan Dispensary, Mambra
  7. Santhome dispensary, Ambazakade
  8. Sanjo Samaritan dispensary, Aloor
  9. Assumption dispensary, Velayanad
  10. Preshitha Trust hospital, Pollachi
  11. Catholic Mission Hospital Bargarh, Odisha
  12. Nirmala Leprosy and General Hospital Dhanbad
  13. D.M.S.S.K. , Jarangdih
  14. Bharat Matha Hospital Muri
  15. Samaritan Seva Sadan Malkharoda
  16. St. Luke dispensary , Tankerpally
  17. St. Willibrord Hospital Germany 
  18. Communio in Christo Mechernich.